Základní škola Brno,

nám. Míru 3

Angličtina 6.B

Mgr. Kateřina Pekařová

Září: opakování


present simple (I often read books.)
adverbs of frequency - often, always, sometimes, never, rarely......

Wh- questions - what, why, who, where, when.....

months, dates, ordinal numbers (1st November)


Present continuous (I am reading a book now)

The verb like:
I like swimming, I don't like watching tv. I like dogs.

Present tenses
I read a book everyday. X I'm reading a book now.


Past simple - was , were

Regular verbs - start - started, dance - danced.....

Leden - Irregular verbs

SONG about irregular verbs

Cat's adventure (another song about irregular verbs)